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Changing a child's story starts with you!

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At Friends of Iowa CASA and ICFCRB, we work together with community volunteers and others to promote and support volunteer advocacy for children who experience abuse and neglect, while raising public awareness of the importance of safe and permanent homes for all children.

Iowa's foster care review board program is comprised of 22 county and regional boards servicing 52 counties. In Polk County, the board has recently increased its case load to include children ages 0-5, in addition to teenagers, to assess permanency. Unfortunately, in January 2024, the board lost its physical meeting place where monthly reviews have been conducted since July 2021. This was a purely financial decision.

Though reviews may be conducted virtually, it is critical to obtain an in-person location for the Polk County board: 1) advocates are able to create and maintain more personal connections with the families they serve, and 2) it is paramount for cyber security protocols to be followed, which is done via a private portable hotspot volunteers use while meeting in-person. This is to protect information and identities of children in crisis. The estimated cost for a physical location that meets the needs of the board to conduct their reviews appropriately is $500 each month, or $6,000 for the year.

We believe that harnessing the collective power of community and charity, this need can fulfilled for 2024 - but we can't do it without generous donors like you! Donating as little as $25 can add up quick and change these children's stories through advocacy. Thank you for your generous gift and investing in the well-being of children in your community!